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Baby & child care is very essential. Your little one is prone to various health issues if you do not take special care. Your baby or child may experience allergy, skin rashes, fever and other illnesses if you fail to take proper care. For that, you need baby care products and medicines. Pharmacy Outlet is an online pharmacy that specialises in catering all your baby and child needs. It stocks a wide gamut of baby care products and baby care treatment medicines from leading brands and drug manufacturers.

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  • Baby Accessories

    Baby & child accessories are essential when it comes to preventing, protecting and treating certain health issues. For instance, you need soft ear buds to clean the earwax in babies. At Pharmacy Outlet, you can acquire baby & child accessories products online. They are safe and effective for your baby and child. 

  • Baby Allergy

    An allergy is an exaggerated immune reaction to a substance called allergen. Babies and children are more vulnerable to allergies, as their immune system is sensitive and weak. So, if your child encounters an allergen, he or she is likely to experience allergic symptoms due to an allergic reaction, such as fever, runny nose, nasal congestion and cough.

  • Baby Bath and Toiletries

    Baby bath and toiletries include baby bath sponge, bath towel, diapers, clothes and Vaseline. When you are shopping for baby bath and toiletries products, you will be looking for ones that are proven and safe. Your baby’s skin is more delicate and thinner, so you should look for products that are formulated only for babies. At Pharmacy Outlet, you can acquire a wide range of baby bath and toiletries online. Make sure you see a child specialist before using any product for your baby.

  • Baby Cough, Cold and Flu

    When your baby shows signs and symptoms of cough, cold and flu, you will try to implement anything to provide him/her relief. Most over-the-counter cold and cough medicines are not advised for children below six years of age. Special medicines in the form of oral drops or syrups are available to relieve baby cough, cold and flu. With careful attention and doctor’s help, you can help your baby to overcome the symptoms of cough and cold.

    Your doctor will prescribe baby cough, cold and flu medicines that are meant exclusively for babies. Pharmacy Outlet deals in safe and effective baby cough, cold and flu treatment medicines. You can get them after discussing with your paediatrician.

  • Baby Diarrhoea Relief

    Normally, baby stools are loose and soft. Infants have frequent stools and sometimes after every feeding. You may face trouble in understanding whether your baby is suffering from diarrhoea. If you notice any change in stool, stool colour and form with watery defecation and increased frequency, then you should take you baby to a paediatrician.

    The physician may prescribe specific baby diarrhoea relief medicines. At the same time, your baby require oral rehydration to combat dehydration (loss of fluids) caused by diarrhoea. You can buy baby diarrhoea relief treatment medicines through Pharmacy Outlet after talking to a GP.

  • Baby Fever and Pain...

    Your baby may experience fever due to viral or bacterial infection. Although it is difficult to understand the pain experienced by your baby, incessant crying can help you make out that your baby is in pain. Usually, painkillers or antipyretics are prescribed in the form of oral drops or syrups. Certain pain relief medicines are contraindicated in babies.

    It is important that you consult your doctor before giving any baby fever and pain relief medicines. Parents need to take special care when it comes to using medicines for their babies. You can purchase baby fever and pain relief medicines online via Pharmacy Outlet, but only after consulting a paediatrician.

  • Baby First Aid

    When it comes to baby first aid, you need specialised medicated and non-medicated products. In addition, you need basic knowledge on how to handle the job. You should know what to do when your baby suffers from a heat rash or burn, a splinter, an injury, or a nosebleed. You can bandages and plasters, mild antiseptics to clean the minor cut, etc. At Pharmacy Outlet, you can acquire baby first aid relief medicines online.

  • Baby Hair Care

    Baby hair care is essential, as your little one’s head is prone to cradle cap, which is characterised by scaly, yellow patches on the scalp. Usually, it is seen in the first two months and clears by the time the baby is a year old. However, many require proper hair and scalp care. Gentle cleansing and shampooing help prevent and treat scalp and hair conditions in baby.

    Be careful while choosing baby hair care products. To treat cradle cap, you may require baby hair care medicines, which should be used only after consulting a general practitioner. You can buy baby hair care treatment medicines online via Pharmacy Outlet.

  • Baby Nappies and Wipes

    You will be changing your baby’s nappy nearly 10 to 12 times a day; hence, it is essential to find the right one. Newborn nappies and wipes are designed for baby’s soft and delicate skin. You can look for nappies that change colour to make you understand that your baby needs a change. You can buy high quality baby nappies and wipes online through Pharmacy Outlet.

  • Baby Nasal Care

    It is quite common for babies under 6 months of age to have snuffles or blocked nose. Nasal congestion in babies is due to accumulation of mucus in the nose. It is difficult for a baby to clear the blocked nose. In most cases, there is no need of treating the condition. The mucus drains out of the nasal passages.

    However, some babies need nasal care products such as nasal saline spray, nasal decongestant drops, etc. You can buy a broad range of baby nasal care medicines online with Pharmacy Outlet. Just make sure you consult your doctor before using any baby nasal care drugs.

  • Baby Oral & Throat Care

    Baby oral and throat care is essential. Babies catch candida infection at birth or soon after. Babies get oral thrush in the first few weeks or months; however, there is no clear cause why few babies carry candida in their mouth, but still go asymptomatic. Oral thrush in babies is common and you may notice velvety, whitish lesions in the mouth or on the tongue.

    Baby oral & throat care medicines include anti-thrush or anti-yeast drugs. You should see your GP if you notice thick whitish coating on your baby’s tongue with fever. You can buy oral and throat care treatment medicines online via Pharmacy Outlet.

  • Baby Skin Care

    A new born baby’s skin is quite sensitive and delicate. Hence, they are prone to skin rashes and other skin diseases during the first year. It is important that you keep your baby’s skin healthy. Check out for any kind of rashes, sunburn or eczema. With proper attention and doctor’s help, you can take utmost care of your baby’s skin.

    For new born skin issues, you require baby skin care medicines. Also, you require baby lotions, moisturising creams, oil and other baby products. You can purchase baby skin care treatment medicines online via Pharmacy Outlet, just make sure you talk to your doctor beforehand.

  • Baby Travel Sickness

    Travel sickness in babies is common. It occurs in children aged 2 to 12 years. Some kids are vulnerable to travel sickness than other, probably because they are more sensitive to motion. Travel sickness can even trigger on a swing while swinging. As the kid gets older, this condition subsides.

    Some babies experience severe motion sickness and they require anti-nausea medicines that are sold over-the-counter, which are available in liquid forms or chewable tabs. They are meant for kids above 2 years of age. You can get baby travel sickness treatment medicines online through Pharmacy Outlet after talking to a GP.

  • Infant Feeding

    Infant feeding is one of the most crucial aspects of the baby’s growth, development and maternal bonding. A mother needs a few infant feeding products for proper feeding, such as sterilise bottle, storage bags, sterilising fluid, etc. At the same time, she may require vitamin drops. You can buy infant feeding products through Pharmacy Outlet at reasonable prices.

  • Pregnancy Care & Tests

    Pregnancy care and tests include certain medical products such as pregnancy care tablets, multivitamins, pregnancy test kits, folic acid supplements and many more. You can buy pregnancy care and test products online with Pharmacy Outlet, which are clinically tested and proven. Just make sure you take an opinion from your GP before using any product.

  • Baby Colic

    Baby colic is often recognized as incessant crying. It is considered colicky if your baby is below five months of age and cries incessantly for three hours on most days of the week. It is not a disease, but it can affect your baby. Many people advise gripe water or anti-gas drops that are sold over-the-counter. They help soother your baby’s pain and discomfort, but they are not clinically proven.

    Seek medical help if you suspect your baby is having colicky. Perhaps, you may need baby colic medicines to help your little one. You can acquire safe and effective baby colic treatment medicines online via PharmacyOutlet after speaking to your GP.

  • Baby Teething

    When you notice your baby’s first tooth, you might get surprised. At the same time, your baby would drool and might walk. For some babies, teething or dentition is a quite painful experience; hence, they may cry continuously. Usually, baby teething in seen during second to third month, but most of them experience it during seventh month.

    Some babies need medical attention and baby teething medicines. You can consult your GP for appropriate baby teething products. Get baby teething medicines online through PharmacyOutlet; they are safe and effective in use.

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Showing 1 - 48 of 164 items