People who travel regularly have a greater risk of suffering illnesses related to traveling. While most illnesses are minor, some can be very serious and contiguous. Hence, all travellers should follow certain precautionary measures. Also, they should be aware of travel-related health problems and precautions to protect themselves from illness.

Some of the travel health products include insect repellents, nausea and vomiting medicines, headache medicines, sunscreens, etc. You can easily but travel health medicines online through Pharmacy Outlet without prescription.

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  • Travel Sickness

    Travel sickness, or motion sickness, is characterized by unpleasant symptoms such as nausea or vomiting and dizziness, which occur while travelling. People with severe travel sickness experience extreme dizziness with headache and shallow breathing.

    Self-care techniques such as keeping still, looking at a stable object, getting fresh air and staying calm can help prevent travel sickness. Travel sickness treatment medicines may include anti-emetics, antihistamines or anti-vertigo drugs. It is important to consult a GP before using any travel sickness treatment drugs. Pharmacy Outlet deals in medicines that can help prevent motion sickness.

  • Insect Repellents

    Sometimes, insect bites or stings can prove fatal. For instance, a mosquito bite can cause malaria or dengue. Insect repellents are extremely useful in case of insect bites or stings. They are available in the form of sprays, creams, ointments and lotions.

    They help prevent a bad reaction caused by insect bite, especially when you are travelling to a region where there is a risk of catching serious infectious diseases. You can get insect repellents online via Pharmacy Outlet.

  • Sun Protection

    Sunburn caused by harmful ultraviolet rays can increase your risk of skin cancer, melanoma. Sunburn happens not only when sun is at its peak, but also when it is cloudy. Hence, it is imperative to sun protection by using sunscreen with SPF of at least 30 and wearing loose cotton clothes and a hat or cap. Sunscreen is an important aspect of sun protection. You can buy sunscreen lotions or creams online through Pharmacy Outlet.

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Showing 1 - 48 of 61 items