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If you have limited mobility and need help moving around your home or getting out and about, there is a wide range of mobilty aids such as walking frames, crutches, trolleys and rollators available.
We also have ranges for the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom all carefully selected to provide a wide range of support for both children and adults.

There are 1856 products.


  • Bed & Chair Care

    The bed & chair care section of Pharmacy Outlet has a wide range of beds and chair accessories for elderly and disabled people. It includes raisers, rails, bed caddie, bed backrest, leg raiser, foamy mattresses, overbed tables, travel pillow, chair raisers, chairs pads, chair tables and many more. You can acquire a wide range of bed and chair accessories at relatively best price through this online store.

  • Eating & Drinking

    The Eating & Drinking department of mobility comprises of several eating and drinking aids or accessories. It deals in handled feeder cups, straw clip, cup holders, spoons, glasses and many more. They are useful for people with restricted movements and those who find difficulty in eating and drinking due to physical disabilities. Just click on the preferred category to view and acquire the products you need. They are available at cheaper price at Pharmacy Outlet.

  • Household & Kitchen

    You will find a wide gamut of essential products in the Household & Kitchen department. This section includes anti-slip bottle openers, jar openers, table mats, anti-slip rolls, fabric rolls, silicone trivet, graters with handle, bread knives, choppers, pill crushers, pill boxes, pill pulveriser, footstools, footstools with hand rail, rainbow reachers, scissors and many more. You can avail a great number of products that are essential in your kitchen.

  • Dressing & Comfort

    This category deals in a wide range of dressing and comfort aids. It includes bed sock, heel protectors, elbow protectors, long-handled brush, nail file holder, zip grip, dressing stick, button hook pull, shoe horn with spring, show remover, compression stocking aid, socking aid and many more. Just click on your preferred product and get it at relatively reasonable price through Pharmacy Outlet.

  • Bathing

    The bathing section of mobility category contains a wide range of bathing and bathroom aids that are ideal for elderly and disabled people. At Pharmacy Outlet, you can find a widest choice of superior quality bathing aids, including bath safety aids. From long handled sponges and non-slip bath mats to electric bath lifts and bath hoists, you will find a wide gamut of bathroom accessories at best possible price.

  • Toileting

    Toileting aids are specially designed to make use of toilet without any difficulty. They make using a toilet a much easier and provide relaxing experience for people who struggle. Specifically beneficial for elderly and disabled people, toileting aids are helpful for maintaining dignity and independence while using a toilet in the home. You can find a variety of toileting aids and accessories that can make your life easy.

  • Leisure & Wellness

    In the category Leisure & Wellness of Pharmacy Outlet, reading floor lamp, magnifiers, replacement bulbs, reading rest, book and card holder, long reach fork, long reach hoe, neck cushion & massager, alarm clock, needle threader and many more. These products are highly effective in use for elderly and disabled people. They are made from high quality material and their longevity is guaranteed.

  • Exercise Therapy

    In the department of Exercise Therapy, you will find a broad range of products that help you perform exercise in a proper and safe manner. It includes rainbow putty, door exercise pulley, exercise band, massage balls, balance bubble, rocker board, ice pack, hand exercisers, Yoga mat, wheat bags, gel balls, strengthening tapes and many more. The products available in the category are useful for people who undergo physiotherapy exercises.

  • Orthopaedic

    In Orthopaedic section of Pharmacy Outlet, you will come across a variety of products such as neck collar, arm/shoulder sling, compression socks, arthritic gloves, tri-fit maternity belt, hot & cold therapy disc and many more. These products are extremely useful in managing and supporting various orthopaedic problems such as joint pain and stiffness, fractures, arthritis, etc. They are the best rehabilitation products for elderly and people with physical disabilities.

  • Back Care

    The Back Care section of Mobility comprises a wide range of back care aids and accessories. It contains heated seat & back massager, lumbar rolls, spine supporter, back supporter, car support, cushions, face saver, fleece cover, breast protector, full body supporter, cushion rings, wedges, back stretcher, and many more. These products are quite useful in providing maximum support to your back, preventing backaches and spasms. They are particularly beneficial for elderly and disabled people.

  • Wheelchair Accessories

    The Wheelchair Accessories section offers all the important accessories required for wheelchairs. This category includes wheelchair seat covers and back covers, lap trays, wheelchair belts, threshold ramps, cushions, gloves, wheelchair apron, wheelchair cosy and many more. This section also contains a wide range of wheelchair scales that make life very easy for wheelchair users. In addition, we have a variety of simple and stylish badge holders. Buy wheelchair accessories at reasonable price through Pharmacy Outlet.

  • Walking Accessories

    Walking accessories are quite useful for people who have problems in walking. Pharmacy Outlet has everything that a walker needs. From the necessary walking sticks to canes to crutches holder to rigid walker to rollator. We make it easy for you to find perfect walking accessories that protect you from fall and injuries. Take a look at our walking accessories and get yourself kitted out with necessary stuffs. Buy walking accessories at Pharmacy Outlet at best price!

  • Moving & Handling

    The Moving & Handling department is listed with beneficial mobility aids such as julecush, leg lifter, thigh lifter, rota stand, glide & lock, glide sheet, seat slide, anti-slip foot pad, wooden transfer board, mobility board, patient handling belt, swivel cushion and many more. These products are extremely useful for people with certain physical disabilities and elderly. They help move body parts with putting much effort. You can buy these moving & handling products through Pharmacy Outlet. 

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Showing 1 - 48 of 1856 items
Showing 1 - 48 of 1856 items