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Walking accessories are quite useful for people who have problems in walking. Pharmacy Outlet has everything that a walker needs. From the necessary walking sticks to canes to crutches holder to rigid walker to rollator. We make it easy for you to find perfect walking accessories that protect you from fall and injuries. Take a look at our walking accessories and get yourself kitted out with necessary stuffs. Buy walking accessories at Pharmacy Outlet at best price!

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  • Walking Sticks

    A walking stick is a beneficial device that is used to facilitate walking, especially for people with walking disabilities and elders. Pharmacy Outlet deals in a wide range of walking sticks – from wooden walking sticks to traditional canes, stick seats and quad canes. In addition, you can find replacement rubber ferrules. This online pharmacy carries walking sticks for disabled people and elderly. You can buy high quality walking sticks through this online store.

  • Folding Sticks

    Folding sticks are useful mobility aids that can be easily altered to meet the needs of each individual. Folding sticks are stylishly finished with a comfortable shaped handle and strong aluminium shaft that easily folds into three to four sections. They are compact, portable and easy to use. They are non-slippery, as they contain non-marking rubber ferrule at the base, which improves user safety. Folding sticks snap open and are easily foldable. More importantly, they are extremely strong and durable. You can buy folding stick online through Pharmacy Outlet.

  • Wheeled Walkers

    A wheeled walker reduces the risk of falling and provides support than a walking cane or stick. Pharmacy Outlet supplies a comprehensive range of wheeled walkers, which are often described as rollators. They are fitted with two, three or four wheels. Wheeled walkers assist mobility in elderly and people with walking problems and other physical disabilities. Rollators are also available with brakes. You can buy a top quality wheeled walker through this online pharmacy.

  • Crutches

    Crutches are a useful mobility aids that help disabled people to walk or move easily. Basically, it has a soft bar on the top that is placed underneath the armpit and a long bar that helps a person lean in order to avoid using legs while walking. Most of the crutches are made up or lightweight aluminium. They are fully adjustable for easier use. They are available in shorter and taller versions. One can buy highest standard and quality crutches online through Pharmacy Outlet.

  • Frames & Accessories

    Walking frames and accessories are helpful for many to retain their mobility. They include walker glides, wheels, caddy and net bag. Plus, they are available in different materials, weights and brands. Walker glides are durable nylon glides that aid mobility by preventing friction and pressure. At Pharmacy Outlet, you can buy a few essential walking frames and accessories at relatively reasonable prices.

  • Ferrules

    A ferrule is an object used for fastening, sealing, joining or reinforcement. They are small narrow circular rings made up of rubber. Most of the ferrules are made from high quality moulded, hard gum rubber pads. They are wear-resistant and more durable. They have good oil and other fine chemical properties with high shock absorbing and load-bearing capacity. Ferrules effectively ensure the safety of the walking accessories. You can buy ferrules online through Pharmacy Outlet at best price.

  • Step

    Derby Half Step provides the user with an extra step between the ground level and the height of the doorstep. It makes step easier for the user, thereby reducing the risk of falls and slips. It allows the user to stay steady while attempting to take the actual step. It is made up of a strong plastic that is suitable for both indoors and outdoors use. The step can be adjusted for complete stability. You can buy derby half step online via Pharmacy Outlet.

  • Car Transfer Aids

    This section features a variety of products that are designed to make car transfers freely, easily and safely for older and disabled people. Car transfer aids include grab bars, car caddie, seat belt reacher, fabric car pad, etc. Utilizing these accessories can help reduce the risk of accidents and injuries while moving in and out of the car. Plus, they help make use a vehicle easier and confortable. You can buy car transfer aids online through Pharmacy Outlet.

  • Shopping Trolleys

    A shopping trolley is a four-wheeled trolley that is characterised by a discreet seat that doubles as the lid. Hence, the user can take a rest for a while whenever required. The padded and waterproof seat is strong enough for a person weighing up to 160kg. Other special features include high visibility reflective strips, strong fastener for security and easy folding handle. You can buy shopping trolley online via Pharmacy Outlet.

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Showing 1 - 48 of 144 items
Showing 1 - 48 of 144 items