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Leisure & Wellness

In the category Leisure & Wellness of Pharmacy Outlet, reading floor lamp, magnifiers, replacement bulbs, reading rest, book and card holder, long reach fork, long reach hoe, neck cushion & massager, alarm clock, needle threader and many more. These products are highly effective in use for elderly and disabled people. They are made from high quality material and their longevity is guaranteed.

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  • Health and Wellbeing

    In Health and Wellbeing section of Mobility, you will find a Beurer Mini Massager that is lightweight, yet powerful body massager for self-use. It helps massage those areas of the body that are hard to reach such as back and shoulders. It produces deep penetrating vibes to release muscle tension, providing a sensational massage. It is portable and you can take it without when you are travelling. It is useful in reducing stress and tension.

  • Reading

    Pharmacy Outlet deals in a wide range of reading aids. You will find reading accessories such as book reading stands, daylight lamps, magnifying glasses, book-lights and many more. They make your reading easy. You need not require straining your neck and back while reading. They are particularly useful for elderly and disabled people with certain physical disabilities. You can buy reading aids at best price through this online pharmacy.

  • Writing

    In writing department of this online pharmacy, you will find a few crucial writing aids such as writing bird, writing pen, writing grips and pencil grips. These writing aids are pretty effective and suitable for people with writer’s cramps and hand disabilities. Elders can use these products with great ease and comfort. Simply put, these aids make your writing easier. You can buy writing aids online at best price through Pharmacy Outlet.

  • Games

    In Games section of Pharmacy Outlet, you will find a few useful products as plastic card holders, deluxe card holder, playing card holder, card player, etc. These gamming accessories are ideal for elderly and disabled people. Playing cards are held in one place and properly gripped. You can easily slide your cards in and out of these gaming aids. These gaming accessories are highly recommended for people who have restricted dexterity, weakness in hands and low mobility.

  • Telephones & Alarms

    In the Telephones & Alarms section, you will find quad phone holder, talking alarm clock, voice alert alarm, safety alert and sensor mat. These products are extremely useful for elderly and disabled people. They help ensure that users with limited hearing will not miss callers. Plus, they have flashing lights with adjustable volume.

  • Gardening

    This section deals in extremely effective gardening tools for elderly. It features disabled gardening tools and adapted garden tools that are designed to help people while gardening. These tools make gardening less strenuous, especially for those who have limited mobility and certain physical disabilities. Pharmacy Outlet offers various garden tools for arthritis victims. It contains gardening tools such as long reach fork, trowel, cultivator, cuffs, kneelers, etc.

  • Miscellaneous

    In the miscellaneous category, you will find products such as needle threader, smokers robot, digital watch and neck cushion with massager. These products are highly effective and safe in use, especially for people with physical disabilities and elderly. You can buy these leisure and wellness products online via Pharmacy Outlet at best prices.

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Showing 1 - 48 of 79 items
Showing 1 - 48 of 79 items