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Bed & Chair Care

The bed & chair care section of Pharmacy Outlet has a wide range of beds and chair accessories for elderly and disabled people. It includes raisers, rails, bed caddie, bed backrest, leg raiser, foamy mattresses, overbed tables, travel pillow, chair raisers, chairs pads, chair tables and many more. You can acquire a wide range of bed and chair accessories at relatively best price through this online store.

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  • Bed Care

    The bed care department of this online outlet contains a few reasonable cushions that are useful for people with physical disabilities and elderly. The cushions are made up of top quality foam that relieves pressure and prevents pressure sores due to prolonged sleeping. They are useful in providing extreme level of comfort and stability. These bed accessories are pretty beneficial and effective.

  • Aids

    Bed and chair care aids are essential accessories that help make beds more accessible and confortable. They are specifically useful for those who have low mobility. The bed aids include bed raisers, bed caddie, bed backrest, foamy mattresses and other bed accessories that make life easier and safer for elders and disabled people. You can buy bed and chair aids at relatively best price through Pharmacy Outlet.

  • Pillows

    Made from the best possible materials and combined with great design, Harley pillows are the most effective products available in the market. Recommended by many clinicians and medical professionals, Harley pillows are now the UK’s best-selling professional orthopaedic aids. The moulded form of these pillows gives ergonomic and more precise shape, ensuring perfect position and extra comfort for the user. The pillow is specifically formed to accommodate the shoulders and has all-round neck support that reduces pressure. The orthopaedic pillows have an inner cover with poly-cotton slip-over pillow case that is easily removable and washable.

  • Overbed/Chair Tables

    The Overbed/Chair Tables department of PharmacyOutlet contains essential mobile table, table valet, assist-a-tray and economy over chair table. These products are lightweight, portable and easy-to-use. They are ideal for TV dinners, reading, bedsides and hobbies. They are both height and angle adjustable, which ensure the most comfortable position. When not in use, these tables can be easily and quickly folded away for easy transportation and storage. You can buy these overbed/chair tables online at Pharmacy Outlet at relatively cheaper price.

  • Mattresses & Toppers

    The Mattresses & Toppers category is one the sections of Pharmacy Outlet where you can find a memory foam mattresses and toppers of different sizes from single mattress topper to double mattress topper. The mattress toppers are a high quality bedding aids that help improve the user’s comfort. They are perfect for disabled people and elderly who have constant pains and aches in the body. In addition, they prevent pressure sore or bed sores caused by prolonged resting on one side of the body.

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Showing 1 - 48 of 150 items
Showing 1 - 48 of 150 items