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Household & Kitchen

You will find a wide gamut of essential products in the Household & Kitchen department. This section includes anti-slip bottle openers, jar openers, table mats, anti-slip rolls, fabric rolls, silicone trivet, graters with handle, bread knives, choppers, pill crushers, pill boxes, pill pulveriser, footstools, footstools with hand rail, rainbow reachers, scissors and many more. You can avail a great number of products that are essential in your kitchen.

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  • Anti Slip

    The Anti-slip category is full of amazingly useful non-slippery mats, rolls, openers that are excellent household accessories. They are useful for a number of different scenarios that are particularly ideal for disabled and elderly people. Anti-slip mats offer safe and secured platform for a variety of household items that reduce the risk of fall and accidents. One can find a wide gamut of anti-slip household aids in the department for every occasion.

  • Plug Aids

    Plug Aids section deals in effective plug tugs that are easily attached to ordinary electrical plugs or points and then offer useful functions. First, they offer a secure loop, enabling the user to grip plug tugs for easy removal. Second, they are available with simple labels so that any plug can be associated with the appliance to be attached. These plug tugs are suitable for elderly and people with rheumatic diseases and vision problems.

  • Reachers

    The Reachers section of Pharmacy Outlet contains top quality, lightweight and portable reachers that assist people with reduced or limited mobility. A reacher features a moving jaw that can be simply operated with a trigger action situated on the handle. The head is equipped with magnet for picking small metal objects such as a hook or a pin to aid dressing. The jaw can be rotated to avoid painful twisting of wrists. The trigger is easy to operate and grip.

  • Grab Rails & Bars

    Grab Rails & Bars department contains a broad range of cost-effective metal and steel grab rails and bars that are ideal for using them inside and outside the home. Made from top quality metals and steel with durable epoxy coating, the grab rails and bars are easy to fit and can be installed anywhere around the home. They are meant to provide extra support for the user. Grab rails and bars are useful in reducing the risk of falls and injuries in the home, thereby improving safety, confidence and promoting independent living.

  • Turners and Openers

    Turners and Openers are designed to hold keys and open bottles/jars safely and securely. They help people to use and control things safely and effortlessly. They are perfectly shaped and provide an easy, secure grip on the keys and caps for the user. They offer good leverage for tuning and opening. They are especially useful for people with weak grip and those who suffer from arthritis, joint pain with stiffness. You will find a broad range of turners and openers at Pharmacy Outlet.

  • Kitchenware

    You will find a variety of kitchen aids or accessories in Kitchenware department of Pharmacy Outlet. Just click on your preferred kitchen accessory and view the product available with more details and prices. It contains high quality cutting boards, spread boards, baskets, tippers, pan holders, forks with handle, spatulas with handles, choppers and many more.

  • Perching Stools

    A perching stool is a versatile and height adjustable stool that is ideal for use in the home and signifies real value for money. It is epoxy coated with hard wearing steel frame with well-padded seat for user comfort. These stools are specifically angled to provide better stability. It allows the use to attain the best possible seat height. Overall, a perching stool makes it easier for a user to get on and off the stool. In addition, it is available in with a variety of options such as back rest, armrests, padded version and many more.

  • Medication

    In Medication section of Mobility, you will find the most useful and innovative products such as large pill box, weekly multi-dose pill pack, mini pillbox, pillbox reminder, pill crusher, pill cutter, pill pulveriser, and many more. These stuffs are quite beneficial for elderly or people who suffer from chronic disease and have to take medicine for longer duration. They help remind people of their dosage schedule, thereby decreasing the risk of missing or skipping the dose.

  • Scissors

    In Scissors department of Pharmacy Outlet, you will find a brand range of long and short handles scissors and nail clippers. They are particularly useful for people with lack of strength in their hand, reduced mobility, elderly and disabled people. They are featured with extended reach that prevents the requirement for bending and straining. The ergonomically shaped handle provides extra comfort while cutting. The stainless steel blades are slight serrated so that you can hold and grip the handle better. 

  • Security

    Providing excellent value for your money, the key-safe kits provide a very safe and secured place to store a spare key from car or home. It is a perfect solution to keep a spare key readily available if you accidentally lock yourself outside of your home. They are manufactured by using top-quality materials and supplied with removable cover, making it ideal for use in and out of the home. A key-safe is easy and quick to fit. You can set your own choice of code by following the full instructions.

  • Miscellaneous

    In this category, you will find a few useful mobility products such as blister pen, wooden compact trolley and long-handled dust pan & brush. They are essential household and kitchen accessories that can make one’s life easy. You can get these kitchen accessories at best price through Pharmacy Outlet.

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Showing 1 - 48 of 242 items
Showing 1 - 48 of 242 items