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Toileting aids are specially designed to make use of toilet without any difficulty. They make using a toilet a much easier and provide relaxing experience for people who struggle. Specifically beneficial for elderly and disabled people, toileting aids are helpful for maintaining dignity and independence while using a toilet in the home. You can find a variety of toileting aids and accessories that can make your life easy.

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  • Patient Hygiene & Care

    The Patient Hygiene & Care section of this online pharmacy comprises wet wipes of all kinds. They are designed to provide safe and effective cleansing for disabled and elderly people who are not able to access soap and water to wash their hands and legs. These wipes are ideal for usage at mealtimes and after using the toilet. They are extremely useful and cost-effective hygiene aids for daily use. Also, you will find special wipes that deodorise skin and fight bacteria to control infection.

  • Urinals & Commodes

    The Urinals & Commodes category of this store contains a wide gamut of toileting aids that help use toilet without any difficulty. It comprises of useful urinals and commode accessories such as urinal holder, urine collector, commode chairs, commode bags and much more. These stuffs are quite beneficial for people who have certain physical disabilities and elderly. They help make use of toilet aids easily and quickly. They are re-usable and washable. You can buy a wide range of urinals and commode accessories through Pharmacy Outlet at best price.

  • Continence Aids

    The Continence Aids section contains a broad range of incontinence products that are beneficial for people with urine incontinence problem. From female briefs to male briefs to stretch pants to disposable pads and incontinence wipes, one can find the largest choice of superior quality incontinence products at Pharmacy Outlet.

  • Protection

    The Protection section of Toileting department of Pharmacy Outlet features chair pads, mattresses protector and bed pad absorbs. They increase user support and comfort, encouraging better position while using the toilet. They are practical continence aids that help elderly and disabled people who have urine continence problems. Check out a full collection of seat pads, absorbing pads for chairs in this section.

  • Miscellaneous

    This section deals with easywipe and compact easywipe bottom wiper. These products are new and innovatively designed to encore personal hygiene for people who struggle to reach useful gadgets while using toilet. They have an ergonomic shape, helping people with limited mobility. Such products are suitable for use with toilet tissues and wet wipes.

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Showing 1 - 48 of 270 items
Showing 1 - 48 of 270 items