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The bathing section of mobility category contains a wide range of bathing and bathroom aids that are ideal for elderly and disabled people. At Pharmacy Outlet, you can find a widest choice of superior quality bathing aids, including bath safety aids. From long handled sponges and non-slip bath mats to electric bath lifts and bath hoists, you will find a wide gamut of bathroom accessories at best possible price.

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  • Personal Bathing...

    In Personal Bathing Accessories, you will find a few useful aids that are helpful while bathing. This department deals in shampoo caps, cleansing wipes and gloves. These products prevent the body part from getting wet, especially hair and hands. They are especially useful for people with certain disabilities and elders. One can buy bathing aids or bathrooms accessories through Pharmacy Outlet.

  • Anti Slip

    The Anti-slip section is full of amazing non-slip products that are exceptional bathing aids. They are useful in a number of different situations. Anti-slip products are ideal for elderly and disabled people, as they offer the user a secured and safe platform while using a washroom or bathroom. These set of items helps reduce the risk of fall, accidents and injuries. You can buy high quality anti-slip products in this category for your loved one or ageing parent who has increased risk of fall in bathrooms.

  • Grab Rails & Handles

    The Bath Rails & handles department comprises a broad range of bath grab bars and rails that are designed to be used in bathrooms. They provide a stable and strong support, making it more comfortable to get in and out of the bathroom. They also improve bath safety. This section contains padded bath rails, moulded bath grab rails and handles that are perfect for an elderly or disabled person. Get a wide range of grab rails and handles at Pharmacy Outlet.

  • Bath Mats

    The Bath Mats category contains an excellent range of non-slip bath mats that are designed to improve safety and comfort in the bathroom. This section includes non-slip bath mats, rubber mats, anti-slip bath mats, large bath mats, long bath mats and small/short bath mats. You will find a comprehensive range of bath mats on this online pharmacy.

  • Bath Seats

    Bath seats are perfect for use by elderly and disabled people, especially those who suffer from joint stiffness and restricted movement, thereby allowing safer and easier access to the bathroom. In this section, you will find a broad range of bath seats that include standard bath seats, adjustable bath sweats, heavy duty bath seats and swivel bath seats. You can acquire top quality bath seats at Pharmacy Outlet.

  • Bath Boards

    Bath Boards are specifically designed to make bathing much easier. They enhance the feeling of relaxation for those who face difficulties in getting in and out of the bathroom. Bath boards helps remove the need to step into the bathroom. Especially helpful for elderly and disabled people, these bath boards help prevent the risk of fall and slip. You can buy top quality bath boards through Pharmacy Outlet at relatively cheaper price.

  • Bath Lifts

    In Bath Lifts section, you will find a superior quality, lightweight, comfortable and portable inflatable bath cushion. It is incredibly easy to use and positon with its own battery operate compressor. It is specifically useful for disabled and elderly people. It has a very easy-to-use hand controller that is designed to let the people lower themselves gently and comfortably to the bottom of the bath tub. It is exceptionally portable, making it perfect to take away on holidays or visits.

  • Bath Steps

    The Bath Steps department is the place where you will find some top quality bath steps that increase safety in the bathroom. It is an inexpensive and effective way to make bath transfers easy and safe for disabled and elderly people. Pharmacy Outlet offers standard bath steps, stackable bath steps, adjustable bath steps, bath steps with stools and many more. They help one get into and out of the bath easier and safer. 

  • Shower Stools

    The section of Shower Stools features a variety of shower stools of all types – such as plastic shower stools, corner shower stools, swivel shower stools, folding shower stools and much more. These types of stools provide great support and comfort for elderly and people with reduced mobility, which makes them to wash their body much easier. Select for a variety of shower stools via Pharmacy Outlet at unbeatable price.

  • Shower Chairs

    The Shower Chairs are an ideal solution for people who have problems in standing up and difficulties in standing for longer duration. Shower chairs provide disabled and elderly people with the comfort they need and deserve while having a hot shower. Also, you will find a few folding chairs with someone who prefers to stand while using bathroom. All in all, these shower chairs are extremely practical aids and can help maintain personal hygiene.

  • Cast and Bandage...

    The Cast and Bandage Protectors category comprises plaster cast protectors, water-resistant plaster cast protectors and various types of dressing protectors to improve personal hygiene. Whether you are in a need of a waterproof wound protector or a waterproof leg protector, the mobility section of Pharmacy Outlet has all kinds of waterproof limb protectors that aid washing and protection.

  • Bathing Accessories

    The Bathing Accessories category features a variety of different items to assist washing and cleansing. This online pharmacy offers long-handled sponges, nail brushers, back washers, foot cleaning bath mats and much more. These washing aids are of great benefit to disabled and elderly people. They make washing and cleansing safer and easier for people with restricted mobility as well. Check out bathing accessories and washing aids below.

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Showing 1 - 48 of 194 items
Showing 1 - 48 of 194 items