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Back Care

The Back Care section of Mobility comprises a wide range of back care aids and accessories. It contains heated seat & back massager, lumbar rolls, spine supporter, back supporter, car support, cushions, face saver, fleece cover, breast protector, full body supporter, cushion rings, wedges, back stretcher, and many more. These products are quite useful in providing maximum support to your back, preventing backaches and spasms. They are particularly beneficial for elderly and disabled people.

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  • Pillows

    The Pillow category contains a neck-eze pillow that is moulded with a specific ergonomic shape to make sure you get real comport and support to your neck while sleeping. It is contoured to accommodate the user’s neck and shoulder, which helps relax the vertebrae and reduce tension. It provides excellent support and has helped many people over the years. You can buy this pillow for your ageing parent and loved one from Pharmacy Outlet at best price.

  • Ring Cushions

    This department contains a variety of ring cushions that can be placed on a wheelchair or mobility scooter. They are useful in reducing the risk of developing medical conditions such as pressure sores and haemorrhoids. A ring cushion is an inexpensive addition to disabled or elderly people who use wheelchair or mobility scooter for longer duration. They also help improve the comfort and prevent health issues associated with prolonged sitting and pressure build-up.

  • Comfort Cushions

    The Comfort Cushions section deals in Harley Deluxe Full Chair Insert, which is well-known for its superior quality and ability to reduce the risk pressure sores caused by prolonged sitting in a wheelchair. It increasing wheelchair comport by providing additional support to your back and hips. You can buy wheelchair comport cushions at relatively reasonable price through Pharmacy Outlet.

  • Back Supports

    The superior quality back supports that you find below are extremely practical orthopaedic aids. They are useful in lending lower back support, thereby relieving pain and enhancing recovery of injuries. They are also useful in managing backaches caused by different factors. They are available in different sizes and are perfect for people with back complaints caused by sprains and strains, disc herniation, arthritis of spine and others. You can buy back support aids through Pharmacy Outlet at best price. 

  • Seating Wedges

    In Seating Wedges department, you will find incredibly effective back and posture supports that can be used either horizontally or upright. They encourage healthy body position when sitting or reclining in the bed, thereby providing optimum level of comfort. It offers good support and helps make tasks much easier and comfortable. These seating wedges are easy to clean and can be zipped up. They are made from high quality materials and foam.

  • Belts and Braces

    In Belts & Braces category, you will find a variety of orthopaedic aids. These products help the neck and back to recover from trauma or surgery. Pharmacy Outlet offers a broad range of different neck braces and back belts of many sizes. Each of these neck braces and back belts is ideal for treating conditions such as arthritis, osteoporosis, sporting injuries and others. Check out the full selection of neck braces and back belts that are made from top quality materials.

  • Rehabilitation Aids

    In Rehabilitation Aids section, you will come across some of the best products made by an award-winning brand called Harley. This department features commode cushion, luxury padded toilet seat raiser, leg trough and abduction wedge. They are specifically designed by experts to provide versatility for patient during rehabilitation. They provide user a number of options to change their position easily and comfortably. Harley abduction wedge is helpful for exercise therapy, helping muscles to recover from injury. They are extremely effective and durable.

  • Patient Positioning

    The Patient Positioning category of Pharmacy Outlet deals in a wide range of superior aids such as positioning rolls, face savers, fleece covers, full body protector, back support and many more. These stuffs are highly useful for elderly and disabled people. They are known to provide optimum safety, support and protection to people with low mobility. You can buy these patient positioning aids through Pharmacy Outlet at best price.

  • Harley Bari-Care

    The Harley Bari-Care Designer Spine Support is designed to be used with upright seating appliance. It provides optimum support and comfort to the back. Since the base is made from polyurethane foam, it offers a secure and stable platform. The memory foam topping helps relieve pressure by adjusting the natural curve of the spine. The buckled strap helps hold the spin support firmly in one place, thereby eliminating constant adjusting and fiddling. It is so versatile and portable that it can be used anywhere.

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Showing 1 - 48 of 78 items
Showing 1 - 48 of 78 items