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Moving & Handling

The Moving & Handling department is listed with beneficial mobility aids such as julecush, leg lifter, thigh lifter, rota stand, glide & lock, glide sheet, seat slide, anti-slip foot pad, wooden transfer board, mobility board, patient handling belt, swivel cushion and many more. These products are extremely useful for people with certain physical disabilities and elderly. They help move body parts with putting much effort. You can buy these moving & handling products through Pharmacy Outlet. 

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  • Patient Transfer

    The Patient Transfer category features products such as leg lifter and thigh lifter. They are an inflatable cushion that offers the user with additional assistance that allows the user to lift and transfer his/her legs or thighs into the bed without much effort. They help reduce the risk of possible injury. You can control these lifters with simple hand controller. They are compatible with a vast majority of bed types and sizes. It is lightweight with battery-powered transformer, which is completely portable and easily transportable.

  • Patient Turning Aids

    In the Patient Turning Aids, you will find top quality Rota stand and Rota move products. These mobility aids are specifically designed and developed so that they allow the user a secure assisted transfer from a seated position to another. The frame, shin pad and turntable provide optimum safety to both the caregiver and user. They are height adjustable with foot pedal to secure turns. You can buy rota stand and rota move products at best price via Pharmacy Outlet.

  • Slide and Glide Sheets

    Slide and Glide Sheets section deals with simple, easy-to-use and affordable slide and glide sheets. They are made from top quality nylon with special coating that helps minimise the friction and pressure. It contains anti-slip slides and glides, one-way seat slide, smart sheet, anti-slip foot pad and many more. Although the sheet is very strong, it is light and has no tapes, which is suitable for use with people who are highly sensitive to skin friction. They are available in different colours and sizes.

  • JuleCush

    Julecush is an amazingly innovative product that helps treat patients in the community with the aim to prevent knee and back injuries to caregivers and health professionals. It is designed to protect the healthcare professionals whilst treating and kneeling in an uncomfortable position. It is helpful in treating patients with lower limb issues. JuleCush is helpful in preventing knee and spinal injuries caused by constant bending and kneeling.

Showing 1 - 27 of 27 items
Showing 1 - 27 of 27 items