Pharmacy Outlet Reveals the UKs Embarrassing Illnesses Hotspots

Pharmacy Outlet Reveals the UKs Embarrassing Illnesses Hotspots

Do you live in London and are you affected by an illness that you’re embarrassed about? If so, fear not – you’re certainly not the only one.

Pharmacy Outlet recently commissioned research among more than 2,000 UK adults, asking them if they had ever suffered from a wide range of every day (but sometimes embarrassing) illnesses. The findings were remarkable, demonstrating just how commonplace many ailments are. What’s more, our research delved whereabouts in the country certain conditions were most prevalent.

In the study, which you may have noticed featured in both the Daily Express and The Metro last week, we found that Londoners were most at risk for eight of the ten illnesses we quizzed respondents about. Only when it came to incontinence and constipation or diarrhoea did the capital not have the highest proportion of people suffering from the problem – in both of these cases it was in fact Northern Ireland that experienced the biggest issues.

You can see a full breakdown of Pharmacy Outlet’s independent research here:

Embarassing Illnesses HOospots

For anyone in London, or indeed anywhere else in the country, who is suffering with symptoms or a condition that they are embarrassed about, it is vital they still seek professional medical help. Our research shows just how many millions of people in the UK have had these common illnesses, so there is nothing to feel fear or shame about.

There’s more good news: thanks to the NHS’s Electronic Prescription Service (EPS), you can now get prescribed medicines delivered straight to your home. This means that anyone who goes red-in-the-face at the thought of having to collect their medicine for a potentially embarrassing illness no longer has to overcome this issue. 

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