PharmacyOutlet reveals widespread concern for Britain’s NHS

PharmacyOutlet reveals widespread concern for Britain’s NHS

With the NHS reaching its 59th birthday this week, the results raise serious concerns for the Conservative-DUP Government’s ability to ensure it reaches its next decade of service. A staggering  59% of us currently feeling that the NHS is failing society due to long waiting times, bed shortages, staffing issues and a diminishing quality of care. Overall, the research revealed that the British public’s outlook for the NHS is overwhelmingly pessimistic, with almost two-thirds of Brits fearing the system is on the brink of collapse.

As a result of these systemic pressures, the research found that 9.2 million of us are currently considering private healthcare options to ensure that our treatment needs are met, without the need to rely on overcrowded GP surgeries, hospitals and care centres.

PharmacyOutlet’s Superintendent Pharmacist Hitesh Dodhia reacted to the research:

“With the nation facing an ageing population and financial constraints, the Government must find ways to improve NHS efficiency and alleviate public concern. Digitisation and embracing online platforms could lessen the burden on doctors, nurses and GPs ensuring that the standard of patient care is able to recover.”

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