What does the General Election Result mean for the UK’s Healthcare Sector?

What does the General Election Result mean for the UK’s Healthcare Sector?

With Theresa May failing to win a majority, it is vital that the next Government – in whatever form it takes – comes to power quickly and takes decisive action to allay political uncertainty. Moreover, the party or parties that take power must do all they can over the next five years to address issues that exist within a healthcare sector that has arrived at a critical juncture in its history. With targeted policies and reforms altering the way the NHS functions, the UK population is also ageing while the number of public GPs in the country is declining – together these factors are placing new strains on healthcare providers.

Before Thursday’s election, Pharmacy Outlet’s Superintendent Pharmacist Hitesh Dodhia spoke to Bdaily about what the next Government must do to ensure the British public – and particularly patients – would not be the ones to suffer. To make sure this is not the case, local and online pharmacies have a critical role to play; pharmacists act as the vital front-line of the healthcare sector by providing essential care and advice, thereby reducing pressure on NHS hospitals and GPs.

The Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) is a prime example of this. The EPS will send a prescription digitally from a GP to a registered pharmacy of the patient’s choosing – the medication will then be delivered directly to the patient’s home, removing the need for paper prescriptions and for the patient to travel to-and-from their GP and pharmacist. It will ultimately make the process quicker and easier for people across the UK to receive their medicines, while also lessening the burden on already-stretched GP surgeries. Find out more about the EPS, here.

Another great example of how pharmacies can help protect the future of the country’s healthcare sector is through online doctor services. By having qualified doctors on hand to provide advice and consultation services for certain prescription-only medicines, online pharmacies can remotely treat a huge number of sick people who would otherwise be headed to hospitals or GPs. You can visit Pharmacy Outlet’s online doctor, here.

Over the next five years, healthcare in the UK is likely to experience further significant transformation. During this period, it is essential that awareness and education around the integral services provided by online pharmacies is boosted to ensure patients always have somewhere to turn for their advice and treatment.  

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