As the NHS prepares to turn 70, more initiatives like EPS must be introduced

As the NHS prepares to turn 70, more initiatives like EPS must be introduced

5th July 1948 – it is one of the most significant dates in modern British history. Why? Because, on that day, the National Health Service (NHS) was launched.


In just a few weeks time, the NHS will celebrate its 70th birthday and in the decades since it was founded the healthcare system has established itself as a jewel in the crown of the UK’s public sector. Free at the point of entry, the world-leading services on offer through the NHS, its hospitals and its staff have long been the envy of countless other nations.


However, as the historic milestone approaches, it is hard to overlook the fact that the NHS’ landmark birthday celebrations will be tainted by the fact that the organisation is under greater strain than ever before. With budgets tightening and the country’s population both expanding and ageing, the NHS is struggling to meet demand at present.


There can be no question that, for the NHS to make it to its 80th anniversary, something must happen. More specifically, the digitisation of the public health service must accelerate at pace so that significant efficiency gains and cost savings can be achieved.


In the bid to modernise the NHS through new digital processes, the Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) certainly stands as a great model to follow.


EPS is a way for people in the UK to get their prescriptions delivered straight to their chosen address for free. The NHS scheme was created to digitise the whole prescription and repeat prescription process, saving everyone – NHS, GPs and patients alike – a lot of time, money and hassle in the process.


In fact, in late 2017 official figures revealed that the transformative EPS initiative has managed to save the NHS £130 million over three years. What’s more, during that same period it is estimated that the system has saved patients almost £75 million, meaning they need to make fewer return trips to their GP or a high street pharmacist.


With the NHS preparing to turn 70, it seems clear that more schemes like EPS are needed to help protect the great institution’s long-term future.


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