How to order a repeat prescription

How to order a repeat prescription

According to the Office for National Statistics, about half of the UK's working population has a long-term chronic condition that requires them to take medicine on a regular basis.  


In order to save time and preserve resources, GPs can issue repeat prescriptions for those with ongoing conditions as and when they require more medicine. GPs will still ask to see you every six to 12 months, but only to check everything is ok and make necessary adjustments.


When it comes to getting a repeat prescription, most people will go down the traditional route of visiting the doctor to drop off their request, pick up the new request, and then go to a local pharmacy for the medicine.


Unfortunately, this isn't always easy, especially when you need to find a time that works with your schedule alongside the opening hours of your GP and pharmacy.


What's more, there's the possibility that the GP will be delayed in your request, which could also get lost in a pile of other prescriptions. You may even be unlucky enough to discover that your pharmacy is out of stock, which requires planning in advance to make sure you've got enough medicine to see you through.


Thankfully, there is an alternative option, which promises to save you time by avoiding unnecessary trips to the GP and pharmacy.


The NHS Electronic Prescription Service (EPS)


The Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) from the NHS makes it possible for your prescriptions to be sent electronically to the pharmacy or dispenser of your choice. Your prescribed medicine can then be sent directly to your chosen address for free.


Along with reducing stresses and strains for those requiring repeat medicine, the NHS says it launched the EPS to make the delivery of prescriptions more efficient by eliminating the back-and-forth between the patient, pharmacist, and GP. You don't need to remember where your paper prescription is either.


On top of that, there is no extra fee for using EPS, as its an NHS service that costs no more than your paper prescription.


Signing up to EPS


The NHS has made signing up to EPS as quick and easy as possible. First of all, you'll need to find out whether your GP offers the service. If so, you can register your details and choose any participating pharmacy you would like to arrange your prescription.


Only the same people can see the information as those who see your paper prescription, reducing fears about patient privacy and confidentiality.


You can also cancel the service or change your details at any time - simply speak to your GP or pharmacy before your next prescription is due.


Choosing your nominated pharmacy


For the ultimate in convenience, consider choosing an online pharmacy to arrange and dispense your prescription, such as Pharmacyoutlet.


We believe in providing the same level of service online that you would expect in your local pharmacy. As a result, your prescription will be fulfilled safely and reliably by our adept staff, who can also provide health support for your everyday needs.


Reasons to choose Pharmacyoutlet as your nominated pharmacy include:


·         We offer a free reminder service when your repeat prescription is due

·         We provide medical advice about your prescriptions and general health

·         100 per cent of our customers rate our service as very good or excellent


NHS Repeat Prescription Delivery Service FAQs


Can I sign up for someone else, such as a friend or family member?

Yes you can. Simply follow the online registration steps.


Do I need to be in to take delivery of my prescription?

If no one is available to receive your delivery, Royal Mail will rearrange delivery or collection.


Can I sign up for multiple prescriptions that are due at different times?

Yes. Pharmacyoutlet will work with your GP surgery so that everything is renewed at the right time.


What happens if I run out of medicine early?

Don't worry, simply let us know a few days before you are going to run out and we'll order a new prescription for you.


Sign up for EPS with Pharmacyoutlet


For a hassle-free prescription service, click here to register with PharmacyOutlet.


When it comes to ordering a repeat prescription, simply watch this step-by-step video for easy to follow instructions. It's as simple as 1, 2, 3!

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