Card Security

  1. Which payment methods are accepted by the store?
    We are accepting all payment methods using your debit or credit card details. 

  2. Are the payment methods secured?
    We make use of the latest strong encryption technology to ensure all your personal information is protected to the highest standard. Transactional information including any credit or debit card details, personal contact information, health conditions, with any other names and addresses provided during order for delivery to another address, and your purchasing history is all secured.

  3. What are the security policies?
    If you are provided with consent prior entering details that are required for ordering, our online pharmacy will retain details like name, address email and purchase history.

  4. Is it safe to use credit card on
    All the information you provide while ordering like personal information is protected with the highest standard. Each time you log into your Pharmacy Outlet account to create a new order you must re-enter your debit or credit card details as we do not save your card details for safety purpose.

  5. Is the store enabled with OTP authentication every time I use my credit or debit card?
    We do not have OTP authentication for using credit and debit card for some security reasons.

  6. What happens if the payment shows failed, but the amount is deducted from my account?
    In such case, you may receive mail from us, if you do not receive any mail within 5 days of placing order contact or customer care team on 03333 222400 or write us on

  7. Is it safe to submit my email address and other details while placing an order?
    We make use of the latest encryption methods and provide physical security for our data serve to gather your personal information like address and phone number. Credit/Debit card details provided by you are only entered on our payment highly secured server direct.