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Oral Care

Oral care is essential to maintain healthy teeth, gums and even overall health. If you do not maintain oral hygiene, you are susceptible to halitosis (bad breath), gingivitis (gum inflammation), plaque formation, tartar or calculus, cankers, cold sores, dry mouth, thrush and even oral cancer.

Oral hygiene includes daily brushing, flossing and rinsing with mouthwash. Dental creams, fluoride-based toothpaste and mint flavour mouthwashes are basic products that you need to keep your oral cavity clean and fresh. You may require cold sore patches, mouth ulcer cream and lip balms to overcome cankers and sores, dry mouth and oral ulcers. At Pharmacy Outlet, you will come across a broad selection of oral care products that are therapeutically tested and proven. 

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Oral Care

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