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Velvet Sun Protection

FREZYDERM's department of Research and Development has developed an innovative system of sun protection, the P.I.P. System Plus, which is included in all the Sun Screen line products. The P.I.P. system: 
- Ensures sustained and constant sun protection
- Offers protection from sunburn and ageing due to sun exposure
- Provides Stem Cell and DNA protection 
- Protects the skin from environmental elements and pollutants

The P.I.P system products go beyond other skincare ranges by protecting the skin from UV rays and infrared and visible solar radiation.  

FREZYDERM Sun Screen Velvet
The next sunscreen generation is here!

FREZYDERM is delighted to present their new range of revolutionary sunscreen products. The Sun Screen Velvet range provides effective and safe protection against sun damage, combined with a non-oily and velvety texture. The Sun Screen Velvet products contain: 
- Second Skin Technology, an innovative formula that allows the cream to become an invisible “second skin” with high protection and a velvety texture.
- Microprismatic crystals that mask the appearance of wrinkles

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Velvet Sun Protection

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