How to look after your health while awaiting springs arrival

How to look after your health while awaiting springs arrival

How to look after your health while awaiting spring’s arrival

As we move towards the end of February, there have only been a few fleeting moments to suggest that winter’s grip on the weather is loosening.

For most of the UK, the grey skies persist, cold winds still blow through the streets and the rain continues to fall. And as well as being wholly unpleasant, the weather during these months of the year also brings with it numerous risks to people’s health and well being.

So, to help keep you in fine fettle until spring arrives and the colder conditions finally abate, Pharmacy Outlet has pulled together three key tips to help you look after your health.


Protecting your skin

When we prepare to brave the elements and head outside on a cold, windy day it’s relatively easy to put on our warmest winter coats and wear an extra layer or two. But it’s equally important that we protect our skin against the rough weather.

Water is a vital ingredient for healthy skin; it ensures elasticity, protection, radiance and liveliness. However, wind and rain will strip our skin of its moisture, so it’s imperative that we find ways to reverse this process – using daily moisturising creams will help keep your hands and face looking fresh, even on a bitter winter’s day.

These are some the best available for dry skin – great for the colder weather

Bioderma Atoderm

Ameliorate Transforming Body Lotion

If your skin is itchy as well as dry, try the Xeracalm range from Avene.  Suitable for babies as well.


Fighting off coughs, colds and flus

Coughs, colds and flus are all particularly common at this time of year. A few tips to fight off these regular problems are: drink plenty of water, get lots of rest and, to help stop the conditions spreading, ensure you wash your hands regularly.


Of course, there are also various medical treatments that offer cough and cold relief. These include painkillers such as Ibuprofen or paracetamol, which help relieve pains and aches, as well as decongestants to unblock your nose.


Watching your vitamin intake

One final useful piece of advice: at this time of year it’s important that you keep an eye on your vitamin and mineral intake. There are two key reasons for this; firstly, at this time of year people’s diets can consist more of warm, hearty stews and less of fresh fruit and vegetables, which in turn impacts vitamin levels; secondly, the notable absent of sunlight during winter can result in a shortage of Vitamin D.


The most obvious way to correct this is to make sure you always eat at least five portions of fruit or veg every day – in fact, you should try consume seven or more. But for people struggling to fit this into their diets (and it’s certainly not easy), there are also numerous vitamin and mineral supplements that can help you maintain healthy levels of both


If ever you are in doubt about any medication or which supplement is good for you, always seek advice from your pharmacist or GP


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